Life, Lately

It’s so weird how things change. We don’t currently have an exchange student living with us, so there is one less kid around, but things still seem so much less crazy. Obviously this is because the kids have been out of school since early March, so there isn’t really a need for my chauffeur service anymore. I’m not hustling kids to sports and friends and school anymore. Regardless of that though – I am still working full time and when I’m home, I’ve been really struggling to keep things straightened out. My mind is too busy worrying about whether or not it was a mistake to let the kids see their grandparents, or if we should be more strict with the teenager + not let her see her friends. We’re trying so hard to stay safe + keep those around us safe…Are we doing it well enough?

Laundry has been piling up, dishes take over the sink throughout the day, pets cages need cleaning, and the dust on the blinds is becoming visible from the sofa. It’s almost like just dealing mentally with all of the changes that we’ve been trying to adjust to have made me so tired that I can’t be bothered. Except it does bother me.

Finally, with my husband’s encouragement – I reached out to a housekeeping company and got set up on a regular cleaning schedule. I cannot tell you the difference it’s made. Taking the tough chores off my plate during this time has been the biggest blessing. I’m so glad I can use that energy for more important things now. For example – I’ve been able to catch up completely on our laundry. For a family of seven this is no small feat. Can I get a Hallelujah?

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