This year is definitely throwing us all for a loop, and with increased time at home comes increased screen time. I spend most of mine on Instagram + I’ve come to really enjoy following a few people! These bloggers (or in some cases, influencers OR both) make their livings building communities and sharing products they love with their followers. They give us a peek into their lives + let us watch their families grow + I personally really enjoy that aspect of IG. Here are some of my favorite bloggers of 2020. Check our their pages if you’re looking for some new people to follow + show them some love!

Top Left: Laura Beverlin. Her + her husband Marky live in the most dreamy home in Florida that they recently renovated from the ground up. She loves fashion, skin care, home decor + she loves sharing the great deals she finds!

Top Right: Caitlin from the blog Dash of Darling. She is the mother of two adorable girls. Her and her husband just built the most a m a z i n g house here in Arizona. It’s jaw dropping actually. She is very real and raw in her stories + I love keeping up with her family while they’re on the go.

Middle Left: Hannah + her Ballerina Farm. A Juliard Ballerina who now owns + operates a pig farm with her handsome husband and brood of kiddos. Nobody has ever made me want to leave it all behind and start a farm quite like Hannah + Ballerina Farms. It’s insane. And so beautiful to follow.

Middle Right: Sakura Considine + her blog, Something Sakura. Hands down raising the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. She shares funny moments between her + her husband. She shares affordable finds and is very easy to relate to. She is mom goals + relationship goals + fashion goals all mixed into one. She is hands down one of my favorites.

Bottom Left: White Shanty at Home. This Jenna + all I can say is go. look. at. her. feed. How is this real life?

Bottom Right: Madison Murdock. She is a florist from Utah + her feed is made up of her beautiful family + gorgeous blooms. Plus, the hair.

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