Below I’m sharing a few of our girls favorite things that they love to use. Take a peek and see if there is anything your young lady might like!

  1. INDIAN HEALING CLAY – this mask is truly a m a z i n g. your skin has never felt better. Number two on our list compliments it perfectly. you can thank me later.
  2. RETINOL CREAM – this is not a drill. use this after your clay mask and you will not believe the results. i’m pretty sure my girls accidentally unlocked the fountain of youth with this combo.
  3. METAL STRAWS – we’ve pretty much switched away from plastic straws in our kitchen. the rubber tips help protect your teeth. plus they just feel better in your mouth.
  5. OLLY GIRL VITAMINS – get em started young.
  6. ZUSLAB PHONE CASES – we love us some soft silicone cases. these are my favorite to purchase.
  7. BEAUTY BLENDERS – because let’s be real – you can never have enough. especially in a house with 4 girls.
  8. BODY SCRUB – we like them all – but are suckers for aesthetic packaging.
  9. LOUNGE SETS – this might be the holy grail for daughters. cute, comfy lounge sets that can be worn at home, or out to the store even. this one is cute & affordable.
  10. STRING LIGHTS – we have a few sets of string lights, but this one is my favorite because it’s so long. the girls love clipping photos to theirs & i’m a big fan of the ambiance when they’re lit.

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